Several missing teeth or damaged teeth can change your life for the worse, keeping you from speaking clearly, chewing easily or even smiling. At Houston Precise Dental Care in Houston, Joe Eckford Jr., DDS can provide custom-fitted dentures that improve your quality of life. Call the office today or schedule a visit online to learn how dentures can help you regain your smile and your bite.

    Dentures Q & A

    What are dentures?

    Dentures are devices that fit over your gums and replace natural teeth. The gum portion of the denture is made of acrylic, while the false teeth are made or porcelain, plastic or a combination of the two.

    A full set of dentures (complete dentures) replaces all your teeth. The denture that covers the upper teeth will also have an acrylic section designed to fit snugly into the roof of your mouth. The lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe so they don’t get in the way of your tongue.

    Who benefits from dentures?

    Most people who use dentures have lost multiple teeth due to age or oral disease. People with loose or damaged teeth may also opt to have their teeth pulled to be replaced with dentures.

    People who have lost only a few teeth may opt for partial dentures or even a dental bridge. These dentures fit in among your real teeth. They are best for people who do not have significant oral health issues.

    How are dentures made?

    To create your dentures, Dr. Eckford first needs to remove all your teeth. He then needs to take an impression of your gums to ensure your dentures will fit perfectly. He may take an impression right after your tooth extraction (called immediate dentures) or after your gums have had time to heal (conventional dentures).

    Your dentures are then custom-made in a lab to get just the right fit while appearing as natural as possible. When they are finished, you return to Dr. Eckford’s office, where he ensures the dentures fit and teaches you about using them.

    How do I care for my dentures?

    You should use a denture cream to gently brush your dentures, inside and out, every day. When you aren’t wearing your dentures, keep them submerged in cold water to prevent them from drying out. Never use hot water.

    Even though you don’t have real teeth, you will still need to see Dr. Eckford on a regular basis to care for your gums and ensure your dentures still fit you. Your gums will likely change shape over time, meaning you need your dentures refitted.

    Learn how dentures can change your life. Contact Houston Precise Dental Care by phone or online to schedule an appointment.