Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Your Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Dr. Eckford, Jr. typically recommends that patients come into the office for prophylactic cleaning and checkup appointments t

At Houston Precise Dental Care, Joe Eckford Jr., DDS recommends regular dental cleanings and checkups to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Working with professional tools, our experienced caregivers can give your mouth a much deeper cleaning than you can manage at home on your own. Regular attention from knowledgeable professionals will also help to identify any problems with your oral health.

In many cases, early identification of dental issues will be key to keeping them from getting worse. Prompt treatments will be less invasive — and less expensive! For these reasons, it’s important that you don’t put off going to your scheduled bi-annual dental cleanings. 

Regular treatment for best results

The ADA notes that you'll get your best possible oral health results by going to your regularly-scheduled cleanings. More frequent dental cleanings and checkups allow for the prevention of long-term tooth loss, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Cavities in your teeth cost less to fix, and will cause fewer problems later on, if caught and treated early, before decay has a chance to spread and more extensively damage your teeth.

In addition, we can tailor your treatment to your individual needs. When you work with us regularly on preventative oral and dental care, we can develop a more complete understanding of your dental health care needs. 

For some conditions, more or different kinds of cleanings might be helpful in preventing further dental or oral deterioration. Other serious health conditions, including heart disease, can also show early symptoms in your mouth that we can identify for you. 

Quick and effective appointments

When you come in for your checkup and cleaning, your appointment won't take too long. We ask you about your recent medical history, then examine your mouth. You may need X-rays. We look for gum disease and any visible issues with your teeth. Dr. Eckford screens for oral cancer by checking your tongue, jaw, and neck.

During your appointment, one of our hygienists uses a special instrument to remove buildups of plaque and tartar from both above and below your gum line. Even with excellent oral care at home, you need specialized treatment to fully clean these buildups. If not dealt with, tartar and plaque can cause long-term damage to your gums and teeth, including bad breath. We also polish your teeth, removing any stains to give you a brighter, healthier-looking smile.

Dr. Eckford, Jr. typically recommends that patients come into the office for prophylactic cleaning and checkup appointments twice a year. If you have conditions like periodontitis, he may suggest more frequent appointments every three or four months. To schedule an appointment, call our Houston, Texas office, or use the online booking tool.

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