Beyond Those Holiday Photos: 5 Other Great Reasons to Professionally Whiten Your Teeth

What if you could do one thing this month that could help you feel and look great for the rest of the year — and all it would take is about an hour of your time? Would you do it? (And yes, it’s safe and legal.) Of course you would! Well, guess what? Professional teeth whitening with the patented Zoom® system meets all those criteria: It takes about an hour, it’s safe, and it can have a dramatic effect on how you look and how you feel about yourself for the rest of 2019. Of course, if you need more convincing …

5 Reasons to whiten with Zoom

At Houston Precise Dental Care, we think welcoming a new year is a reason to whiten your teeth, but there are plenty of other reasons too. Here are five to consider:

Special events

Whether you’re making a first impression among new acquaintances or you’re hanging out with old friends, you want to look your best for any type of special occasion. From weddings to business meetings and everything in between, having a white, bright smile can make any occasion more pleasant, especially if pictures are involved. Professional whitening can be completed in just one office visit (or one weekend for Zoom’s take-home overnight whitening kits), so locking in a gorgeous smile is a no-brainer.


Dating can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about how your smile looks. Not only can a dingy smile make you look less attractive to a potential significant other, but it can even make you look less successful and less trustworthy. (After all, if you can’t be bothered to care for yourself, how can you be bothered to take the time to care for someone else?) Whether you’re going out with someone you already know or you’re living up to that speed-dating challenge your coworkers dared you to do, knowing your smile looks great can help you relax so you and your date can have a great time.

Job interviews

Talk about nerve-wracking — is there anything quite so stressful as a job interview? Yes, your credentials and experience count for a lot. But so does your appearance. As much as we hate to admit it, humans do tend to put a lot of weight on a person’s appearance, especially during a job interview when you’re supposed to be doing all you can to make a great first impression. If you can’t be bothered to tend to your teeth, it gives the impression of someone who doesn’t care about the details or someone who takes a more haphazard approach to their own life. When your teeth look great, you’re also more likely to smile, which makes you look friendlier and more relatable, and that could be all it takes to give you the edge over other applicants.

Fountain of youth

OK, professional teeth whitening isn’t exactly like finding your own personal fountain of youth, but getting rid of yellowing and stains can make your smile look younger, fresher, and rejuvenated. Stains and discoloration build up over the years, and even though you might not realize it, those dull, dingy teeth are making you look a lot older than you realize. Plus, leaving your teeth yellowed and discolored tells the world you’re not too particular about how well you care for yourself, and that’s probably not the impression you’re looking to make.

Greater confidence overall

What’s one of the first things you do when you meet or greet someone? Smile! It just makes sense that when your smile looks its best, you feel more confident about the impression you’re making, and that can help you feel more positive, more self-assured, and more confident in every area of your life. Think how great it would be to feel super-confident about the impression your smile is making — and all it takes is one office visit to feel that way for the rest of the year!

What’s your reason?

These are five great reasons to get your teeth professionally whitened, but there are plenty of others. No matter what your reason may be, at Houston Precise Dental Care, we can help you get your teeth whiter and brighter so your smile always makes a great impression. To learn more about the Zoom professional teeth whitening system and how it can help improve the way your smile looks, book an appointment online today.

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