5 Ways Veneers Can Correct Smile Flaws That You Didn’t Know About

If you aren’t happy with the smile you inherited, modern dental technology has some great solutions. Veneers are a minimally invasive answer to transforming teeth that may be  undermining your self-confidence. Houston Precise Dental Care can fix the following common flaws and give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Minimize or eliminate gaps between your teeth

You and Michael Strahan have something in common: a gap between your teeth. If the gap has always bothered you and you smile with your teeth half-covered, why not fix it? With today’s modern veneers, you can likely close that gap. The veneer acts as a cover over your teeth that can minimize the gap so it isn’t the first thing people see when they talk to you. You won’t stop smiling once you see how veneers can transform your face.

Straighten crooked teeth

If your family’s genes didn’t give you perfectly straight teeth and you’re looking at options to change your smile, Houston Precise Dental Care can help you decide whether veneers or orthodontic treatment would give you the best results. Today’s veneers can work wonders on crooked teeth without the expense and months or years of treatment that orthodontics requires.

Mask misshapen teeth

If your incisor teeth have pointed ends shaped like the letter ‘v,’ you may feel like your mouth  resembles a Halloween mask with fangs. Or perhaps nature gave you an oddly shaped tooth that sticks out like a bay window among all your other teeth in that row. Veneers are an excellent answer for these problems. In one or two office visits, you can have a row of white, even, beautiful teeth.

Cover discolored and stained teeth

Do you love coffee, red wine, or dark-colored soda? These beverages are big stain producers. You know what it looks like when you spill coffee or red wine on your shirt and how difficult it can be to get the stain out. Even though you brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash, years of consuming dark-colored drinks can affect the color of your teeth, leaving them with a brownish or dark yellow cast. Even if you don’t consume a lot of dark beverages, your genetic makeup can leave you with dingy gray teeth. And if you’re a smoker, your teeth likely have that yellow-brown shade. Veneers give you a stunning, new white smile that can completely change your appearance.

Change chipped and cracked teeth to whole, smooth teeth

Perhaps your mouth hit the bathtub when you fell in the shower, or a ball hit your mouth playing baseball, and you have chipped or cracked teeth. You have a big sales presentation coming up and don’t want to look like you walked out of the backwoods when you deliver your pitch and make the rounds afterward. Veneers can be a perfect solution for chipped or cracked teeth.

Your professionals at Houston Precise Dental Care can examine your teeth and determine if the cracked tooth needs a crown or whether the less invasive veneer can solve the problem. Getting a crown means most of your tooth is drilled away so that a cap can fit over what’s left. On the other hand, a veneer only takes a sliver of enamel off the top and then provides a beautiful covering that matches your surrounding teeth perfectly. We use porcelain veneers, which are strong and long-lasting.

You no longer have to feel embarrassed when you smile. Veneers can give your self-confidence and self-esteem a real boost. For your smile transformation, call or book an appointment online with Houston Precise Dental Care today.

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